Jessica: ”We should have gone after him. I’ve been an outcast — in some ways, I still am. I wouldn’t wish such a fate on anyone.”

Ororo: ”Nor would I. If Professor Xavier had not found us, we might well have become like Caliban — but what is done cannot be undone. For the best of reasons, we committed the most terrible of mistakes. That must never happen again.”

Kitty listens in silence, her own thoughts deep and sombre. since first meeting the X-Men, she’s always felt uncomfortable around Nightcrawler — not because of his personality, but solely because of his appearance.

Tonight’s Encounter with Caliban has shown her the cost of such an attitude. She hopes with Nightcrawler, it isn’t too late to try to make amends.

Uncanny X-Men v1 #148 // The History of Kitty and Lockheed

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