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Someday I will write Park City stories and Marauder fic again.
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Kitty: ”Take it back! Take back what you said, Danny, or so help me— I’ll rearrange your face!”
Illyana: ”Kitty, stop this! Have you lost your mind?!”
Kitty: ”Lemme alone, Illyana! This creep’s been on my case all week! I’ve had it with him! C’mon, Danny, let’s hear your apology — while you can still talk!”
Piotr: ”Katya! What are you doing?!”
Kitty: ”Huh?!? Peter—! Oww! You lousy—! Now you’re really gonna get it!”
Danny: ”Let the little tramp loose, Illyana — I’ll blacken her other eye!”
Piotr: ”You will do nothing — either of you!”
Kitty: ”Stay out of this, Peter. It isn’t your fight, you didn’t hear what he said!”
Illyana: ”Settle down, Kitty! Get ahold of yourself! You’re phasing!”
Stevie: ”What the hell is going on out here!?!”
Danny: ”It’s Kitty’s fault, Ms. Hunter! She started it!”
Stevie: ”Is this true?”
Kitty: ”I swung first — because Danny shot his mouth off once too often!”
Stevie: ”Your turn, Daniel. Explain.”
Danny: ”I was talkin’ about the Stryker Crusade, an’ all the good it does. My folks an’ I are members, what’s wrong with that?”
Kitty: ”Tell her the rest, creep — about how Reverend Stryker’s gonna save humanity… from the godless hordes of mutantkind!”
Danny: ”Well, he is! Muties are evil! They deserve whatever they get! You wanna make somethin’ of it, mutie-lover?!”
Peter: ”You have both made your points, young man. I suggest you let matters end there.”
Danny: ”Right. Hey, anything you say, Mr Rasputin. No problem. Next time, Pryde — when ‘King Kong’ here isn’t around to protect you — it’ll be my turn.”
Kitty: ”Thanks a lot, Peter.”
Piotr: ”Forgive me, Katya. I simply did not want to see the boy hurt.”
Stevie: ”With your training, you could’ve crippled Danny — or worse.”
Kitty: ”He’d’ve done the same to me, I bet.”
Stevie: ”C’mon, let’s get you inside and cleaned up.”
Kitty: ”How can you all be so calm?! Didn’t you hear what he said?!”
Stevie: ”They’re only words, child.”
Kitty: ”Suppose he’d called me a nigger-lover, Stevie?! Would you be so damn tolerant then?!!”
Stevie: ”You and your sister had better go after her, Peter — see she gets home safe. I’ll speak to Danny, and make certain this sort of thing never happens again.”
Piotr: ”Kitty is upset, Stevie. She did not think about what she was saying. She… did not mean…”
Stevie: (Of course she did, my friend. She meant every word. And she was right.)

Marvel Graphic Novel v1 #5 (part 1) // The History of Kitty and Lockheed

God Loves, Man Kills is an extremely good read and general primer on the second team of X-Men, if you’re looking to get into the Claremont years. It opens with two mutant children being killed and strung up as a message to “mutie-lovers”, which brought me to tears, and is quickly followed by this exchange between Kitty and one of her idols, Stevie Hunter. Stevie’s clenched fist and forced neutrality in Kitty’s face, trying to be a serene Ororo-like role model before letting herself feel emotions once everyone’s gone killed me. You’ve got Wolverine starting to notice Kitty as a passionate scrapper, which I’ll be pointing out more in the lead up to the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries, and Peter treating Kitty more like a capable adult. This danger room session sets up the X-Men’s winning tactic for freeing Xavier at the end of the novel, though I’d say it’s one of the few times they really have to use the power of words to get the larger “win.” You’ll see. This is gonna a big 4-parter post. Obviously I’ve only included the Kitty bits, as per usual, so I seriously encourage you to buy the tpb and enjoy the whole story!

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