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Fans are taking ‘Where’s Gamora?’ into their own hands

As many frustrated fans have pointed out online, much of the official Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise leaves out Gamora, one of the movie’s five titular Guardians, played by Zoe Saldana. Though Gamora has an equal amount of screen time as her male colleagues, and Saldana is second-billed after Chris Pratt, Gamora is mysteriously absent in some egregious ways.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new


Depressing shit man :/

So insulting that they’re saying little boys can’t handle having a kick ass assassin on their shirt because she’s a girl >:

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A feminist group based in Guangzhou, China staged an online protest against the sexual exploitation of women in the workplace, revealing a photograph with a message boldly written in red on a whiteboard behind them: “My vagina does not come free with my labor.” More words were written on the women’s thighs, reiterating: “Not freebies.” 

The campaign was in response to a recent fatal rape case involving a 20-year-old woman at a state-owned company who was asked by her boss to a dinner. She was sexually assaulted by her boss’s friend and died as a result of her injuries.“Don’t ask your staff to provide part-time escort services. Women should only be asked to provide knowledge or technical skills in the workplace, but not other things,” says Ye Haiyan, an advocate of women’s and children’s rights.

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What about our fans? Are they privileged? Let me tell you about Anders. He was one of two male love interests in Dragon Age II, and the only one of the two that would actually make his intentions known to the player without the player expressing interest first. If you were nice to him, he would make a pass at you, and you could turn him down, and that would be the end of it. And some fans REALLY did not like that.

Some of them asked for a gay toggle; because in a game where there’s mature themes, slavery, death, and none of which we offer toggles for, encountering a gay character? OOH, beyond the pale. They didn’t want to be exposed to homosexuality.

And this one fan on our forums posted that he felt too much attention had been spent on women and gays and not enough on straight male gamers. For all of whom he personally spoke, of course. ‘It’s ridiculous that I even have to use a term like Straight Male Gamers, when in the past I would only have to say fans.’ The purpose of the romances in Dragon Age II was to give each type of fan an equal content. Two romances whether you’re male or female, straight or gay.

How upsetting for this particular Straight Male Gamer to realize he wasn’t being catered to. This was not equality to him, but an imbalance; an imbalance of the natural order. He did not want equality, he’s not interested in equality. To him, from his perspective, equality means he’s getting less. Less options? Actually, no, the number of options we had in that game was actually the same number of options that he would have received earlier. What was his issue was the idea that there was attention being spent on other groups, which SHOULD have rightly gone to him.

Do ALL straight male gamers feel exactly the same as he does? Absolutely not. In the thread where this came up in fact, there was quite a few guys who came in and identified themselves as straight male gamers and said ‘I actually don’t have an issue with that, as long as I receive an experience I enjoy, I think other people should be able to enjoy that too.’ But if you think that Straight Male Gamer Dude is an outlier among our fanbase, you were not paying attention.

This is Anita Sarkeesian, she’s the author of the Feminist Frequency, a blog which examines tropes in the depiction of women in popular culture. You’ve probably all heard about this, it’s a matter of public record, she announced a Kickstarter to start a web series to look at the tropes in video games and she was subjected to a campaign of vicious abuse and harassment by male gamers. Why? Well, because she represents to these guys the loss of their coveted place in the gaming audience. Never mind that well all know Goddamn well that they’re still at the top of the totem pole. What they see themselves losing is sole proprietorship over their domain. That’s what it is.

Everything that is changing about the gaming industry to accommodate these players, to them, is diluting the purity of gaming which has belonged solely to them. That’s what this is all about. And here’s the thing, I’m pretty certain that our industry fears the scrutiny of those guys way more than the scrutiny of everyone else. Because those are the guys that scream at the top of their lungs, they spend their time on every internet forum, they spend their time making Metacritic reviews. Infuriate them, and you become a target. It’s so much easier to say “Well, that’s what our fans are like. There’s nothing we can do.” And that’s bullshit.

They didn’t set the tone, did they? We set the tone. What we put out there, what we permit, whether it’s on our forums, whether it’s on Xbox Live, the things that we permit we are in effect condoning. What happened to Anita, we the industry, are partly responsible for. We’re in part to blame. And if the idea of moral responsibility doesn’t phase you, consider the idea that the time will probably soon come that this will also amount to legal responsibility.


BioWare EA Writer David Gaider speaking on sexism and sexuality in video games. (via lolitsgabe)

also known as “Why I Love And Support BioWare Games”

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Bioware ain’t perfect, but good gosh it does give me the warm fuzzies when one of their crew knocks it out of the park.

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I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes

Babies have no concept of object permanence


Sexy Lamp Page one. Panel one.
All the tropes are getting held up.
My breasts or my backstory,
Let’s see which is more developed. I’m the character you’re writing.
The only one that’s female.
I feel like Smurfette.
I guess that makes you Gargamel. Don’t fridge me, bro.
I’m not a plot device to stroke your ego.
I’m not your damsel or your tramp,
And I’m not your…
Sexy lamp. Write me dialog,
That’s more than pure emotion.
Give me clothes that,
Might survive a small explosion. Midriff, high heels.
I won’t be chasing anyone.
Please tell the criminals,
Not to shoot and not to run. Don’t fridge me, bro.
I’m not a plot device to stroke your ego.
I’m not your damsel or your tramp,
And I’m not your…
Sexy lamp. Even with a cheat sheet,
You couldn’t pass a Bechdel Test.
It seems you need to see me,
Oppressed or undressed. I’m not from Venus.
I’m from the same planet as you.
Write me like I’m human,
Or give me to Kelly Sue. Don’t fridge me, bro.
I’m not a plot device to stroke your ego.
I’m not your damsel or your tramp,
And I’m not your…
Sexy lamp. Don’t fridge me, bro.
I’m not a plot device to stroke your ego.
I’m not your damsel or your tramp,
And I’m not your…
No, I’m not your…
Sexy lamp.


Leading Men Age, Leading Women Don’t | Vulture

There are more charts if you click through.


So I’m at work right now…. And this one little girl has been begging me to put on this Justin Bieber CD that’s here. It doesn’t matter how terribly I take care of the disc the damn things nearly indestructible. So I’m half listening to the lyrics and its full of ‘what you do to me’s’ and shall I say Robin Thick-ean style words. I didn’t like it before and now I’m trying to think of better music for little girls to be listening too. And all the stuff I know is like Boss Ass Bitch and better messages full of stuff I can’t play.

Anyone know music I can use to sneakily teach kids to fight the Patriarchy?

Alright boyfriend, listen up. You looking for really “now” music or overall music? I consulted myself and the internet, and here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Spice Girls: Wannabe, Say You’ll Be There, Spice World. Mostly these are just fun BUT there are themes of putting friendship first and respecting yourself in relationships.
  • Destiny’s Child: Independent Woman pt 1, Say My Name, Bills Bills Bills, SurvivorI miss Destiny’s Child tbh even if Bills Bills Bills is problematic.
  • Des’ree: You Gotta Be
  • Willow: Whip My Hair
  • Christina Aguilera: Fighter
  • TLC: Unpretty, No Scrubs, Waterfalls (maybe too adult? idk if they’d pick up on it though)
  • No Doubt: Just A Girl
  • Lesley Gore: You Don’t Own Me
  • 2Pac: Keep Ya Head Up
  • Beyonce: If I Were A Boy and Run the World (Girls) — find a clean version. Tangent Time: I really overall UGH SO HARD at her new album and I just stumbled onto a review that perfectly articulates song by song what I thought as I heard it. “I’m not just his little wife” but then next song you’re making an audience scream your married name at you when you made your own name? Just… okay. And being a judgemental meanbutt to everyone in the club based on her own appearance and then trying to sell to me that beauty hurts and is a terrible standard (that she then proceeds to use for the rest of the album to make other women feel like shit and calling them bitches and telling them to bow down) *rambles into the night*
  • Madonna: What It Feels Like
  • Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl
  • Janelle Monae: Q.U.E.E.N. Badu’s verse is randomly quiet and underwhelming but it’s overall pretty great and clean for kids For real, ANYTHING by Janelle is amazing.
  • Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
  • P!nk: So What (there has to be a clean version somewhere). So hard to find something without swearing. Stupid Girls (I’ve seen arguments for it being slut shaming? But I hear it as idiot shaming. ymmv)
  • Robyn: Who’s That Girl. Handle Me (mature lyrics?)
  • Lily Allen: The Fear (clean version, of course).
  • Lauryn Hill: Doo Wop (That Thing). Maybe a bit mature? But they will have no idea what she’s talking about so.
  • Meghan Trainor: All About That Bass. Again, a little more mature. So uh. Maybe not for the kids.
  • Fifth Harmony: Bo$$
  • Boomkat: Crazy Love (she sings it with her brother and it’s about generic love and not romantic love so? Sort of). She says “gettin freaky in my sheets” though :\ Also this is Pennsatucky from Orange is the New Black for those bbs who don’t know Boomkat.

There are also some good Queen Latifah and TLC ones I had to leave off because they were about oral sex and/or had some swearing. But maybe if you found “clean” versions…? IDK. Then there’s classics like “Respect” by Aretha. Some good clean versions might be on Kidz Bop (ugh) if you can’t find them on itunes or something.

That’s all I can think of atm ^^; Fronds, halp my boyfriend be a good ally and make more suggestions please.

Okay, okay, I’m going to tell you what Hermione sees in Ron.

A trio is a balancing act, right? They’re equalizers of each other. Harry’s like the action, Hermione’s the brains, Ron’s the heart. Hermione has been assassinated in these movies, and I mean that genuinely—by giving her every single positive character trait that Ron has, they have assassinated her character in the movies. She’s been harmed by being made to be less human, because everything good Ron has, she’s been given.

So, for instance: “If you want to kill Harry, you’re going to have to kill me too”—RON, leg is broken, he’s in pain, gets up and stands in front of Harry and says this. Who gets that line in the movie? Hermione.

“Fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself.” Hermione doesn’t say Voldemort’s name until well into the books—that’s Dumbledore’s line. When does Hermione say it in the movies? Beginning of Movie 2.

When the Devil’s Snare is curling itself around everybody, Hermione panics, and Ron is the one who keeps his head and says “Are you a witch or not?” In the movie, everybody else panics and Hermione keeps her head and does the biggest, brightest flare of sunlight spell there ever was.

So, Hermione—all her flaws were shaved away in the films. And that sounds like you’re making a kick-ass, amazing character, and what you’re doing is dehumanizing her. And it pisses me off. It really does.

In the books, they balance each other out, because where Hermione gets frazzled and maybe her rationality overtakes some of her instinct, Ron has that to back it up; Ron has a kind of emotional grounding that can keep Hermione’s hyper-rationalness in check. Sometimes Hermione’s super-logical nature grates Harry and bothers him, and isn’t the thing he needs even if it’s the right thing, like when she says “You have a saving people thing.” That is the thing that Harry needed to hear, she’s a hundred percent right, but the way she does it is wrong. That’s the classic “she’s super logical, she’s super brilliant, but she doesn’t know how to handle people emotionally,” at least Harry.

So in the books they are this balanced group, and in the movies, in the movies—hell, not even Harry is good enough for Hermione in the movies. No one’s good enough for Hermione in the movies—God isn’t good enough for Hermione in the movies! Hermione is everybody’s everything in the movies.

Harry’s idea to jump on the dragon in the books, who gets it in the movies? Hermione, who hates to fly. Hermione, who overcomes her withering fear of flying to take over Harry’s big idea to get out of the—like, why does Hermione get all these moments?

[John: Because we need to market the movie to girls.]

I think girls like the books, period. And like the Hermione in the books, and like the Hermione in the books just fine before Hollywood made her idealized and perfect. And if they would have trusted that, they would have been just fine.

Would the movies have been bad if she was as awesome as she was in the books, and as human as she was in the books? Would the movies get worse?

She IS a strong girl character. This is the thing that pisses me off. They are equating “strong” with superhuman. To me, the Hermione in the book is twelve times stronger than the completely unreachable ideal of Hermione in the movies. Give me the Hermione in the book who’s human and has flaws any single day of the week.

Here’s a classic example: When Snape in the first book yells at Hermione for being an insufferable know-it-all, do you want to know what Ron says in the book? “Well, you’re asking the questions, and she has to answer. Why ask if you don’t want to be told?” What does he say in the movie? “He’s got a point, you know.” Ron? Would never do that. Would NEVER do that, even before he liked Hermione. Ron would never do that.

- Melissa Anelli THROWS IT DOWN about the way Ron and Hermione have been adapted in the movies on the latest episode of PotterCast. Listen here. This glorious rant starts at about 49:00. (via theflowershop)




Hello Queen of Genovia

i read an article once that tried to “analyze” why so many people hate anne hathaway. i think the reason is because she’s a woman who sticks up for herself and stands up against sexism


I think it’s time this made the rounds again. 

By howtonotsuckatgamedesign

Though the article centers on women, similar logical gymnastics of exclusion likely apply to POC and the LGBT community.