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This is that video I mentioned the other day.

- Nox


#because why would i read a play about syphilis when i could watch this?

It’s been 5 days since I started watching this, and two of those days I spent working and in class for a solid 14 hours. 

I’m on Act 30. 



it’s so nice being alive at the same time as you


seeing your friends coming online

if i talk to you in all caps and bad grammar then that means u are friend





Party ended up sucking (also, I’m STILL SICK) but our costumes were mathematical.


(I am Fionna; my wife is Marshall Lee)

(also: fionna’s skirt is poor design for a knight-adventurer)

BRIGID. With the blonde wig, you need to costume Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, like, now.

ooooooooo yiss

One benefit of the short hair is that wigs are WAY easier to wear.

HOLY EFF. I am ashamed that I did not see this earlier! How so adorable you guys, geeze.

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YES. IT IS. Good call.



Because while it’s understandable why a 15-year-old gay kid from Lima would feel that way and it’s fine for him to not want to sing about Jesus or to feel hurt, it is not acceptable for someone to take this and expand it to national broadcast to liberal/liberalish teens/young adults throughout the country without someone in the show correcting it or at least adding nuance to it.

Because, yes, a lot of churches are douchey. But a lot of them aren’t, too.  I go to school with seminarians (ministers and priests in training!) of various denominations who are solidly liberal and pro-science, and plenty of them ARE women, and some of them are even gay! The Roman Catholic Church nationally is kind of a mess right now, but the college ministry at my undergrad was led for two years by a woman dating another woman on its leadership board (oh wait that was me and my wife).  The one I attend now, where I had my same-sex ceremony, was Episcopal - a denomination that is fairly good on gay issues, rather good on women, and faultless on science. Our partners in communion, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, also ordains women and queer people in committed monogamous relationships and is generally pro-science. I have a friend who goes to a Baptist church IN THE SOUTH that has gay lady ministers, even.  And that doesn’t even get to the REALLY liberal churches, like the United Church of Christ.

So it’s really sad that asshole churches treat people badly, and even more sad to me that they make kids think that most churches hate gays and women and science. But it mostly grills my ass that the writers of this show are the ones publicizing this opinion as basic truth. When conservative Christians act like they are the only Christians, they are LYING. This basically just supports their asshat cause.  Way to give hope to any gay kid who might actually wonder if open and affirming congregations exist, Glee. Way to go.




Please note that as with most Hawkeye Initiative commentaries, I cannot reblog all of the responses to it. Usually I get 100+ replies in my inbox, and reblogging them would swamp the blog.
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First, I don’t think this person is a troll. I think this person is a closeted sexist who is genuinely angry that tremendous and popular attention is being drawn (pun intended!) to the fact that comics are predominantly sexist regardless of the spin put on them. That being said, we should all be in awe at the fact that he as a male activist feels compelled to speak put at the insidious things going on in this blog.

… [snippety snip, read more!] …

There is a bigger point to the initiative, and we’re sorry if you missed it the first time. We’ll try to make it more obvious next time. As for the ludicrous claim that the initiative is “a tool to make both artists and people who enjoy artwork of beautiful women feel ashamed or bad in some way about these drawings”— if you feel ashamed or bad that’s on you. No one is trying place guilt or recrimination on ONE person or on the individual; this initiative is an attempt to make the artwork in comics more inclusive and to try to cut through the bull shit claims about the artwork being a form of female empowerment. A character isn’t being empowered when they’re being turned into objects of desire rather than participating subject in desire. 

Again, I ask you be more aware of the argument that you’re entering into. 

Hahaha, I love you for ranting as hard as I did. Biggest facepalm I can muster on this one.




Sacred Twenty-Eight Pureblood Families of Britain

Abbott.Avery.Black.Bulstrode.Burke.Carrow.Crouch.Fawley.Flint.Gaunt.Greengrass.Lestrange.Longbottom.Macmillan.Malfoy.Nott.Ollivander.Parkinson.Prewett.Rosier.Rowle.Selwyn.Shacklebolt.Shafiq.Slughorn.Travers.Weasley.Yaxley (X)

geeking out leik whoa



Brigid cites HP wiki:

The Pure-Blood Directory was a directory created in the 1930s that was published anonymously in Great Britain listing twenty-eight families judged to be pure-blood by the anonymous author, who was widely believed to be Cantankerus Nott. He dubbed these families the Sacred Twenty-Eight. A number of families appearing on the list deplored their inclusion, many including the Weasleys proudly noting that they had Muggle ancestors.[1]

It is unknown why the Potter family was excluded from the list, as Dorea Black married Charlus Potter, yet was not disowned, which would almost certainly indicate that the family had no known Muggle ancestors or relatives. Also, James Potter is consistently mentioned as being a pure-blood.


It is now MEnU canon that Cant Nott had a feud with the Potters. Problem solved again thanks to Brigid and Natacha.


The conference was awesome!!! The panels were great, the people were friendly, and everything went really well! 

Despite the few hiccups—andohgodtheRAGE—it went really well. 

And I just wanted to say thank you to all my lovely friends who were helpful and supportive and gave me nice words so I didn’t explode into tears. I love you guys. 

So now, after a drink, nachos, and hopefully more drinks (just a few), I can jump back into the fray.

The conference was great! Or at least, what I saw of it was. :D Way to go Sierra. Thanks for giving nerds the opportunity to nerd out.

Did I mention how much I loved my panel? I mean, never mind that some of my favorite people in the world were on it/moderating it, but then my favorite professors showed up and awesome friends were in the audience, and…

So many feels. I got to read an academically sanctioned paper on Batgirl in the New52 for our honor’s society’s regional conference NO BIG DEAL. *flail* Still psyching me out. Probably going to be the highlight of this last month of the semester, if not the whole semester.

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Henry Irons says: Join the Vigil.

All the other Orders are stupid.

Lies. The Vigil are just a bunch of jocks with swords. Soon I’ll post screenshots of Clove (+Henry) from their weekend adventures and people will know how awesome Priory nerds are.